Priests and Bishops in Council

Presbyteral CouncilThe Presbyteral Council training offered by the National Federation for Priest Councils empowers Presbyteral Councils to identify how council members can work most effectively with their bishop to address key issues and lead the diocese “so that the pastoral welfare of that portion of the people of God entrusted to the Bishop may be most effectively promoted (Canon 495).”

The training is practical and interactive, designed to assist Bishops and their Councils in identifying a model and set of practices that will work best for their needs. It is therefore customized, not a “one size fits all” model. The training also draws on NFPC’s extensive knowledge of best practices from throughout the United States.

This training provides the following:

  • Review of Canons and other Church teaching about Presbyteral Councils
  • Presentation of best practices from councils around the USA
  • Identification of a clear model of how the presbyteral council of the participating diocese can function optionally, with a clear statement of roles for bishop and council members
  • Training in how to identify and address the most important agenda issues
  • Training in how to run an effective council meeting with substantive dialogue, decision-making and implementation of decisions
  • Guidance for orientation for new council members
  • Coordination with Deanery and other structures

The training has three components:

  • Pre-Work: This consists of a short survey of council members and an interview of the bishop conducted by NFPC. In addition, the bishop and council members receive short readings to prepare for the session.
  • Training: A full day of training provided by an NFPC trainer.
  • Implementation: A follow-up conference call with the bishop and chair of the presbyteral council to assess the implementation of the training. An in-person follow-up assessment by the NFPC trainer is also available.

For more information or to schedule a training, please contact us toll-free at 888-271-6372 or at [email protected].