Council Notes from Jefferson City (February 2017)

The February meeting of the Jefferson City Council began with a discussion led by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools and the Coordinator of Youth Ministry relating to a pastoral process of accompaniment and dialogue addressing children and youth in relation to gender concerns and non-traditional families. All priests were invited to a meeting on May 9, where the process would be explained more fully.

– Members together with the Superintendent of Catholic Schools discussed the importance of having families with school children attend weekend worship. Suggestions and points to share were made including recognizing and welcoming school children and their families, offering babysitting services. Handouts were distributed.

– Pastoral Center staff now has job descriptions. Performance reviews and goal setting was completed by the end of June.  There are now three bi-lingual staff members at the chancery. Minutes note that periodically Spanish translation service is needed in the Tribunal office.

– Part 4 of the 2010 Pastoral Plan was discussed. It includes assessing the viability and vitality of parishes. A religious sister who facilitates strategic planning for church groups is collecting information supplied by parishes. A letter was sent to parishes explaining the process.

– Results of the October 2016 Count was distributed and attached to minutes.

–  Discussion took place concerning instituting a common payroll system for each parish. An outline was distributed along with a recommendation of a company. Minutes note this would simplify the payroll process and save parishes money. Input from members was requested.

–  The following members were elected as officers:

Chair – Father Francis W. Doyle
Vice Chair – Father Augustine A. Okoli
Treasurer – Father David A. Means
Secretary – Father Matthew j. Flatley

– Bishop Gaydos asked members to keep in mind the tremendous fear that is affecting the Hispanic Community. Minutes note that some individuals are shoeing up at residences asking to check residence cards. The Hispanic Ministry Office held a workshop for those affected with immigration lawyers in attendance. The workshop was recorded in order to reach the wider Hispanic community.
– Finally, Bishop read a letter from Charleston Bishop Robert Guglielmone, who heads the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, concerning the Boy Scouts of America and transgender youth in the organization. Excerpts of Bishop Guglielmone’s letter together with an excerpt of a letter from the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America were attached.