Council Notes from Green Bay (June 2017)

The June meeting of the Green Bay Council began with an interim report on the consulting firm developing a strategic plans for Catholic schools. Minutes note plans will be released in September.

– Bishop Ricken expresses a desire that schools have an intentional role within parish life.

– The Curia realignment is geared to serve the diocesan mission and parishes.

– After a discussion that included the Facilities and Property director, members unanimously voted to reduce a parish in Oshkosh to secular use.

– A discussion took place in reference to hiring a Priest Nurse. The Priest Nurse would educate and help priests navigate the health care system and would collaborate with the Vicar for Clergy.

–  An extensive discussion took place about Discipleship Phases I & II. What it involves, how to engage parishes, schools, religious education programs, Encuentro, various components of the diocese, capital campaigns, and mission planning. All energy and focus is outward to the field in order to change the culture.

–  In response, members recommended a one-page summary of what needs to happen on the parish level. Minutes note the importance of communicating with priests and what information priests need for parish planning with Alpha groups evangelization tool.

–  Members received a handout on listing Community Council guidelines. Parish Community Councils could serve more than one parish. Bishop suggested listening sessions with priests, pastoral leaders and deacons to determine if parish should go this route.

– Plans were discussed for celebrating the diocese’s sesquicentennial in March 2018.

– Finally, the diocesan Safe Environment coordinator circulated the revised Social Communications Policy. A motion to recommend the revised policy as presented was unanimously approved.