2017 Convocation Schedule

2017 NFPC Convocation
Majestic Garden Hotel, Anaheim, CA


Time Event Location
MONDAY, April 24
8:00a–Noon Exhibitor Set-up Ballroom
8:00a–5:00p Welcome, Information Registration Open Foyer
Noon–5:00p Exhibits Open Ballroom
Noon-8:00p Chapel Open Kent
12:30-3:00 p Council of Consultors Lunch Meeting Devon
4:00p-5:00p New Delegate Orientation Devon
5:00p–6:00p Opening Reception Ballroom
6:00p–6:45p Prayer, Welcome & Introductions Ballroom
6:45p-7:30p Dinner Ballroom
7:30p-8:00p CARA Presentation – Catholic Parishes of the 21st Century Ballroom
8:00p–11:00p Hospitality Club Lounge
TUESDAY, April 25
7:00a-3:00p Chapel Open Kent
8:00a-3:00p Exhibits Open Ballroom
8:00a-3::00p Welcome, Information Registration Open Foyer
8:00a–9:00a Breakfast Ballroom
9:00a Morning Prayer Ballroom
9:30a–10:30a Plenary Session – Kevin Appleby, Immigration/Migration Ballroom
10:30a Break
10:45a–Noon CCLV Report-Fr. Luke Ballman Ballroom
Noon–1:00p Lunch Ballroom
1:30p–2:30p Plenary Session – Fr. Ken Simpson – Millennials/Young Adults Ballroom
2:30p Break
3:00p Depart for Christ Cathedral Hotel Entrance
3:30p-4:45p Tour of Christ Cathedral
5:00p Convocation Eucharist, principal celebrant and homilist, Bishop Arturo Cepeda, Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit
6:15p-7:00p Reception
7:00p-8:30p NFPC Awards Banquet
8:30p Depart for Hotel
9:00p–11:00p Hospitality Club Lounge
7:00a–12:00a Chapel Open Kent
7:30a-8:00p Eucharist Kent
8:00a – Noon Exhibits Open Ballroom
8:00a–Noon Welcome, Information Registration Open Foyer
8:00–9:00a Breakfast Ballroom
9:00a-9:30a Morning Prayer Ballroom
9:30a-1015a NFPC President’s Report/Priest-Labor Initiative Ballroom
10:15a-10:30a Break
10:30a-12:30p State of the Presbyterate – Input discussion and issue raising forum Ballroom
12:30p Pickup box lunch for open afternoon Ballroom
12:30p Board Meeting Essex
8:00p-11:00p Hospitality Club Lounge
THURSDAY, April 27
7:00a-9:00a Chapel Open Kent
8:00a-11a Exhibits Open Ballroom
7:30a–8:00a Eucharist Kent
8:00a–9:00a Breakfast Ballroom
9:00a Morning Prayer Ballroom
9:30a-11:00a Plenary Session – Bishop Robert McElroy, “The Pastoral Theology of Pope Francis” Ballroom
11:00a Expression of gratitude and departure