Spring 2015 Fund Letter


Spring 2015

My dear brother in Christ,

In my short time as NFPC president, I have discovered two things about priests. We are incredibly generous with our resources – be it time or money. And we hate to ask for money. How many stories have you heard where a priest cuts his own salary in order to balance the parish budget? How often do we say “yes” to a mailed appeal for some far-flung place or charity or get stopped on the street by volunteers for a contribution?

And yet, for all our generosity, we often neglect each other – our brothers in Christ. Oh sure, we pray for each other when asked, but what of brotherhood, communion and solidarity? Do we make time to connect and reconnect with our brothers? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to gather with 300 priests from around the nation just to share experiences and share good food and hear a message that is timely and uplifting? And wouldn’t it be great if the only cost that you had to incur was your travel?The NFPC Annual Convocation – open to ALL priests and bishops – is the best thing we do. Our programs are top-notch too, but it’s the Convocation that is our shining star.

Won’t you please help me make a FREE Convocation a reality? Your contribution today will help me eliminate the cost of the Convocation so that more men can come and experience the brotherhood and communion that keeps us connected to one another and to Christ. One of our past presidents says “we are priests best when we are priests together,” and he is correct. You can help all of us to be the best priests we can be.

Know that you are in my daily prayers and I ask yours in return.

Yours in Christ,


Rev. Anthony E. Cutcher

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