Programs Overview

NFPC programs…

  • Offer a wide variety of high quality content designed to empower participants in their personal lives and ministry.
  • Are led by dynamic, certified facilitators who utilize interactive, multi-media presentations and group discussions.
  • Schedules are very flexible and can be adapted to existing meeting schedules and sites.
  • The number of participants can range from the entire presbyterate to as few as 15.
  • Vary in length and are typically arranged through a diocesan office, religious community or seminary.
  • Fees are very reasonable and depend simply on the length of the program and the number of participants.



For more information or to schedule a training, please contact Fr Tony Cutcher toll-free at 888-271-6372 or at [email protected].

NFPC now offers four excellent programs for growth in personal and pastoral ministry.

NFPC programs for group development include Priests and Bishops in Council and Priest Personnel Board Review.  They are designed for priests and bishops to learn the skills needed to effectively communicate with one another in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Our facilitators assist these groups to craft policies and procedures that will support their efforts to effectively govern their diocese.

NFPC programs for individual development include Catholic Leadership 360 and Tax and Retirement.  They are part of a comprehensive curriculum of personal and pastoral development, and provide concrete tools that can be learned and practiced to increase a person’s self-awareness and to help develop individual competencies.

NFPC programs address both the personal and pastoral nature of ministry and emphasize spiritual, scriptural and theological connections. By identifying specific roles and goals, participants are better able to meet the challenge of day-to-day responsibilities and to find spiritual balance in their lives.

NFPC programs have been consistently evaluated as engaging, challenging and empowering.