Yes We Are! The Living Body of Christ



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YesweareRev. Jim Hogan

Father Jim Hogan, a priest of the Diocese of Helena who served as Vice President of the NFPC in the early 70s has written a book titled, Yes We Are! The Living Body of Christ. The 18-chapter book is a reflection of his 48-year ministry in western Montana and how Vatican II shaped his priestly life, especially as pastor of Christ the King Community, the campus ministry of the University of Montana in Missoula. His touches on often-neuralgic issues in the church, i.e. celibacy, the role of women and liturgy. In The Forward, Jesuit Father Robert Egan, writes, “This eloquent, moving, and deeply thoughtful reflection – and reminiscence – by Fr. Jim Hogan can be a help and a model for all of us …. What we see in its pages is a vibrant local church, a faith community, with a gifted leader and admired respected elder.” The book is self-published. (2009)