The Next Generation of Pastoral Leaders: What the Church Needs to Know




next-generationDean R. Hoge and Marti R. Jewell

This is the fifth and final volume of the Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership Project. The contents are based on a report of a survey conducted by the late Dr. Hoge that provides a unique glimpse into the thinking and attitudes of young Catholic adults. In his Preface to the book, Most Rev. John Estabrook, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese for the Military Services states, in part, “Young adults are looking for their place in the Church. They desire to know more about Catholicism … Currently, young adults find it difficult to find pathways to full time ministry. They are seeking mentors and having trouble finding them. They possess gifts that will serve the needs of others, but the community of faith is doing little to help them recognize, explore and foster those gifts.” The volume contains six chapters filled with tables and data. Commentaries are by Dr. Edward P. Hahnenberg, Rachel Hart Winter and Paul Jarzembowski. Published by Loyola Press.