Daily Bread: A Handbook for Priests Learning to Cook for Themselves


Product Description

Authored by Tim Schoenbachler
Foreword by Rev. J. Ronald Knott

This book is about all the basics of cooking specifically written for priests who want to learn how to cook. This is not just a book of recipes, but about everything involved in cooking for yourself or others. There is general information about cuts of meat, poultry, pork, seafood and vegetables – how to choose them, store them and cook them in a variety of ways. There are lists of the cooking tools and equipment every kitchen should have on hand as well as the essential items that should be in one’s pantry. Because this book is targeted to the single cook many recipes have been reduced to single servings. The recipes in this book offer a wide variety of the basic and most common comfort dishes. If you are just beginning the adventure of learning to cook for yourself, this book will be a good resource for that journey.