Priest Personnel Board Review

The Priest Personnel Board Review offered by the National Federation for Priest Councils assists diocesan personnel boards to more effectively match the gifts and talents of priests with the requirements of parishes when making personnel transfers. Using modern Human Resource techniques, NFPC will help the diocese build/modify/update the demographic information of each parish as well as the goals, dreams and aspirations of the priests.

The process is practical and interactive, designed to assist Bishops and their Boards in identifying a model and set of practices that will work best for their needs. It is therefore customized, not a “one size fits all” model. The review also draws on NFPC’s extensive knowledge of best practices from throughout the United States.

This review provides the following:

  • Review of the structure, mission and effectiveness of the Priest Personnel Board
  • Presentation of best practices from boards around the USA
  • Identification of a clear model of how the priest personnel board of the participating diocese can function optionally, with a clear statement of roles for bishop and board members
  • Training in how to obtain, maintain and store the data necessary to make optimal assignments

The review has four components:

  • Pre-Work: This consists of a short survey of board members, priest council members and an interview of the bishop conducted by NFPC to determine and align the perceptions and reality.
  • Review: A review of current policies and procedures governing personnel transfers.
  • Training: A number of meetings, to be determined by the personnel board, to design survey instruments aimed at obtaining the current state of parishes and priests. Also, to establish a policy and instrument for on-going feedback as it concerns transfers.
  • Implementation: Follow-up calls / visits as needed to implement the changes.

For more information or to schedule a review, please contact Fr Tony Cutcher toll-free at 888-271-6372 or at [email protected].