The First Easter Bunny Is Here Again

The First Easter Bunny is a charming narrative aimed at a youthful audience.  It deals with the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus—as seen through the eyes of a little rabbit.  In the story, the bunny is the first creature to see the resurrected Jesus, and so is bestowed with the honor of bringing sweet treats to children every year at Easter to celebrate and emphasize the actual meaning of the Easter event.

With Easter approaching, parents, grandparents, clergypersons and religious educators search for a tool to teach children the truth about this feast day. Father Richard Lewandowski, Sacramental Minister at St. Richard Parish, Sterling, MA, first published his story, The First Easter Bunny, in 1999. Illustrations by Anne Schaper Englot. The paperback edition has been reprinted, and is being distributed through Amazon. Also available at many bookstores.  Available for $7.50 plus S & H. For more information, click here.