Piety and Plurality: Theological Education since 1960

Piety_Plural-croppedPiety and Plurality: Theological Education since 1960, by Glenn T. Miler is survey of how changes in Protestant seminary theological education over the past 50+ years have been impacted by studies in biblical criticism, social ethics, field education, including the rise of an increasingly urban, middle class and professional constituency. Of the eight chapters, Miller devotes Chapter 4 to Catholic Theological Education. Of Catholic theological education, Miller writes: “As I read the history, the most amazing thing about the past fifty years is the amount of freedom that the Vatican and hierarchy has given the theological schools and university departments of religion.” He names Fred Hofheinz of Lilly, (Sr.) Katarina Schuth, (OSF), and Jesse Ziegler of being on the forefront of positive change in Catholic theological studies and theological schools. Available for the Web price of $37.60 from Cascade Books, a division of Wipf & Stock Publishers, 199 W. 8th Ave., Suite 3, Eugene, OR 97401. (541) 344-1528. Fax: (541) 344-1506. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site: www.wipfandstock.com.