Review – “On Hope” by Pope Francis (Loyola Press)

“On Hope” by Pope Francis, published by Loyola Press (Photo: Loyola Press)

On Hope
by Pope Francis (Loyola Press, 2018)

As we begin another new year, words of hope could be used by all of us to enliven our spirits and rejoice in good news. Enter On Hope, the sixth book by Pope Francis published by Loyola Press. In their words, “in On Hope [the pope] shares with readers the hope-filled faith in God and humanity that can inspire them in their daily lives.”

This short book (112 pages) includes 14 edited essays. The content is adapted from a series of general audiences held by the pontiff in Rome from December 2016 to March 2017. However, the book’s short size does not hinder its power, and in many ways the brief essays help make Pope Francis’s words accessible to even those chronically short for time.

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