Manual for Conquering Deadly Sin

Manual for Conquering Deadly Sin, by Father Dennis Kolinski, SJC looks like a small breviary. In the opening, How to Use this Manual, it simply states, “The purpose of this manual is to help the reader learn more about the famous ‘seven deadly sins’ and how to conquer them.” Part One lists and defines the seven deadly sins and their opposing virtues with commentaries and remedies. Part Two features a compilation of passages from Church teaching and Scripture, along with quotes from the saints that complement and give life to the reflections in Part I. The volume has a ribbon marker. There are eleven lined empty pages at the back of the book for taking notes. Available in an Ultrasoft Burnished Cover with Silver Edges for $29.95 from St. Benedict Press/Tan Books, P.O. Box 410487. Charlotte, NC 28241. Tel: (800) 437-5876. Fax: (815) 226-7770. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site: