James Martin: Essential Writings

James Martin: Essential Writings, Selected with an Introduction by James T. Keane is from the Modern Spiritual Masters Series of Orbis Books. Sources from Father Martin’s collection include those from his best-selling books, his articles for America, and his essays from sources as diverse as the Huffington Post and Portland Magazine. His reflections and insights touch on everything from prayer to depression to sexuality to finding one’s individual path to holiness. Along the way he introduces the reader to saints and sages ranging from Thomas Merton to Mother Teresa to his wise nephew Charles.  The volume is divided into an Introduction: The Call of the King, and four parts:

  1. Motions of the Soul: Spirituality and Prayer
  2. God in All Things: The Divine in Daily Life
  3. The Care of Souls: Solidarity with the Suffering and the Wounded
  4. More by Deeds than Words: Models of Holiness

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