Heroes & Heretics of the Reformation

Heroes & Heretics of the Reformation, by Phillip Campbell is a good to read especially as we observe the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The volume tells stories of the major players during that time. Included of course is Martin Luther himself; Thomas Müntzer; the queens, Mary and Elizabeth Tudor; Popes Paul III and Pius V; St. Peter Canisius; John Calvin and more. As a description of the book puts it: “It was a tumultuous time, filled with heroes, heretics, and some who were a little bit of both. It was a time of destruction and rebuilding. Some sincerely sought reform while others sought merely to profit by it, and some—perhaps too few—used the events of the time to become saints.” Available in hardcover for $27.95 from St. Benedict’s Press/Tan Books, P.O. Box 410487. Charlotte, NC 28241. Tel: (800) 437-5876. Fax: (815) 226-7770. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site: tanbooks.com.