Everyone Leads: How to Revitalize the Catholic Church

In Everyone Leads: How to Revitalize the Catholic Church, Chris Lowney considers five transformational principles to upend the “precipitous slide that will turn catastrophic unless reversed by fundamental changes in strategy, culture and leadership style.” He proposes an “EASTeR” strategy of five    transformational principles:

  • Be Entrepreneurial
  • Be Accountable
  • Serve
  • Transform, and
  • Reach out

Lowney offers real-life examples and outlines strategies that anyone can employ to strengthen the church. Available for the discounted price of $17.47 (30% off the regular price of $24.95) from Rowman & Littlefield. 15200 NBN Way, Bldg. C, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214. Tel: Toll free: (800) 462-6420 ext. 3023, Local: (717) 794-3800. Fax: (800) 338-4550. Local fax: (717) 794-3803. The Special Sales department can be reached at [email protected]. Web site: www.rowman.com.  For an order form in PDF, click here. Use Promo code: RLFANDF30.