Essential Catholic Social Thought [2nd Edition]

Essential Catholic Social Thought [2nd Edition], by Bernard V. Brady could be considered a very fine text for delving into Catholic social teaching. In the Introduction, the author writes, “[t]his book is a study of official Catholic social teaching as well as the broader Catholic social tradition. It presents the teaching of the church in relation to other sources in the Catholic tradition.” Relevant documents are presented in an abridged and clarified form. Each chapter includes study-discussion questions and reflections, plus materials from the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI and Pole Francis. The 378-page volume is ideal for a one-semester textbook or for use in a survey course. Available for $44.00 from Orbis Books, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545. Tel: (800) 258-5838. Fax: (914) 941-7005. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site: