Catholic Parishes of the 21st Century

Cath_Par_21-croppedCatholic Parishes of the 21st Century, by Charles E. Zech, Mary L. Gautier, Mark M. Gray, Jonathon L. Wiggins, and Thomas P. Gaunt, SJ with a Foreword by Marti R. Jewell, is essentially an update of the groundbreaking 1989 document called the Notre Dame Study of Catholic Parish Life. In addition to the topics covered in the Notre Dame study, this research, commissioned through the Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership Project and conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, also addresses the phenomenon of multicultural parishes, the emerging forms of parish organizational structure, parish finances, the social ministry roles of parishes, and adult catechesis. One of the key findings from the Notre Dame study was change––that the picture of the church in the 1980s was very different from the church in the 1950s. A key finding from this updated research is that change continues in some surprising and unanticipated ways. A must-read for church leaders, diocesan and parish councils, committees, and staff. An invaluable resource in understanding contemporary Catholic parish life. Available in hardcover from Oxford University Press. Order online at – – with the promotion code – AAFLYG6 – to save 30%. Original price $24.95. Promotional price = $17.47 plus shipping & handling.