C21 Resources (Fall 2017)

The theme for the Fall 2017 edition of C21 Resources, a publication of The Church in the 21st Century at Boston College, is Living Faith for the Journey. Topics include:

– Education for Living Faith, by Joy Haywood Moore and Jack Dunn

– So What Do We Mean by Faith? by Thomas Groome

– To Work Is to Pray, by Grace Simmons Zuncic

– The Antidote Is Love, by Patrick Downes

– Thinking Critically, Acting Lovingly, by Jeremy Zipple, SJ

– On the Border, by Michael Motyl

– Living Faith through Service, by Luly Castellanos de Samper

– The Jesuit Way Along My Way, by Rev. James M. Hairston

– Living the Call, by Miriam Hidalgo

And more.

C21 is available online at – www.bc.edu/c21  in ISSUU, a digital publishing platform

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