Priest who served Brooklyn parishes found murdered in Colombia

Father Dagoberto Noguera, 68, who served at a number of parishes in Brooklyn before his retirement, was murdered at his residence in Mamatoco, Columbia on March 10, 2018.

Fr. Noguera was born in Ecuador and educated in Colombia where he was ordained in 1985. He came to the Brooklyn Diocese in 1990 and was formally accepted as a priest of the diocese in 2002. He served at several Brooklyn parishes before retiring for medical reasons in 2014 and returning to Colombia.  His health situation caused him to rely on a wheelchair.

There are rumors circulating that his murder was committed by Venezuelan immigrants, to whom Fr. Noguera had served food.  Although law enforcement officials have not confirmed this rumor, two suspects were videotaped on surveillance cameras at a store purchasing items with a credit card stolen from Fr. Noguera.

Residents in Mamatoco remembered Fr. Noguera “as kind; always caring for others; and dedicated to charity work with people in need.”  A Memorial Mass will be celebrated for him on March 23, 2018 at St. Anthony of Padua-St. Alphonsus Church in Brooklyn.

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