Jesuit Priest Chaplain of the House of Representatives Resigns then rescinds Resignation

Photo Courtesy of America Media

In mid-April, Rev. Patrick Conroy, a highly-regarded Jesuit priest who has served as chaplain to the U.S. House of Representatives since 2011, resigned from that post in a letter addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan.  When Ryan’s office released the news of Fr. Conroy’s resignation on April 16, all indications were that it was a voluntary departure taking place on the best of terms.  A short time later the “voluntary resignation” story started to unravel when word spread that Ryan had forced the Priest to retire.  This news started a media firestorm and a bi-partisan backlash in Congress against Speaker Ryan.

On May 3, Fr. Conroy rescinded his resignation in a letter to Ryan and stated that he would remain as Chaplain until the end of the year.  In that letter, Fr. Convoy also accused Ryan’s Chief of Staff of anti-Catholic bias.  Ryan, who probably realized there was no profit in a long drawn out battle, reversed his course and agreed to keep Fr. Conroy as House Chaplain.

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