Fr. Jim Hewes Re: Pastoral Transitions

Fr. Jim Hewes, a Priest in the Diocese of Rochester, is a frequent contributor to the NFPC This Week E-letter.  This week Fr. Hewes is offering a study conducted by the Alban Institute in Washington, based on pastoral changes in Protestant Congregations.  The study may be helpful to Catholic Parishes that are undergoing difficult leadership transitions, i.e., a new pastor following a long-term pastor, or new leadership in a Parish following the Canonical removal of a Priest who was experiencing personal challenges.

In his summation of the study, Fr. Hewes commented: “The study recommended that congregations hire INTENTIONAL interim pastors for a year or more, after long-term or problem pastorates to address the issues the congregation needed to look at. Then the next pastor has a chance to start out fresh. I saw this situation a number of times with priests that followed long-term or problem pastorates in our diocese…So, these ideas emerged, which was not original [to] me but came from these other sources….I share them in the hopes that they ………be of some help.”

To view, the Alban study on Transitional Administrator click here

To view the Alban study on Transitional Process for Priests click here