Father Jim Hewes reviews “The Good Catholic”

 A movie was released late last summer titled “The Good Catholic.” The New York Times and Catholic News Service (Sept. 7, 2017) reviewed it. And so did Father Jim Hewes, a priest of the Diocese of Rochester.

The movie is about a young priest who struggles with his vocation. Fr. Hewes reviews the film for our readers and subscribers and shares his insights, especially what the filmmakers could have done to make the movie more realistic. It stars Zachary Spicer as Father Daniel, the earnest young cleric; Danny Glover as Father Victor, the pastor; John C. McGinley as Father Ollie, a Franciscan associate; and Wrenn Schmidt as Jane, the friend.

For those who or may be interested in seeing “The Good Catholic,” it is available in streaming format on Amazon [link below].

Fr. Jim wrote an essay for NFPC This Week titled Priest as Hero in 2015. Click here for the essay.

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For the Amazon link, click here.