Confession: Parish-Person-Priests/Pope Francis “Confessional is a place of forgiveness, not threats.”

Here are two reflections on Confession/Reconciliation:

The first offering is from Fr. Tom Sweetser, a Jesuit Priest, author, and founder/director of the Milwaukee-based Parish Evaluation Project (PEP).  In a recent PEP newsletter, Fr. Tom shared his reflections on the small number of parishioners who came for reconciliation at a suburban church, compared to the large number of people lined up for reconciliation at a parish in downtown Milwaukee. In his post Fr. Tom also offers suggestions to help churches encourage parishioners to avail themselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Click here to review Fr. Tom’s post in the PEP newsletter.

The second reflection is from Pope Francis’ Homily this past Sunday, February 27, 2018 in which he cautioned priests to “be mindful that the confessional is a place where people can find forgiveness and mercy, not threats and condemnation.”

The Pontiff continued “When we priests — in the Lord’s place — hear confessions, we also must have this attitude of goodness like the Lord, who says, ‘Come, let us talk, there is no problem, there is forgiveness,’ and not with a threat from the beginning.”

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