“Proud to be Catholic: a groundbreaking America survey asks women about their lives in the Church” – A reflection by Fr. Jim Hewes

We have received a submission from Father Jim Hewes of the Diocese of Rochester. He has written a reflection on the recent survey of American Catholic women conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) and America Media (the publishers behind America, the American Jesuits’ publication). Father Hewes offers commentary on the study and on the concerns of American Catholic political life.

For a PDF of his work, click here.

Father Jim Hewes is a priest of the Diocese of Rochester. Ordained for over 43 years, Fr. Hewes has served in rural, suburban, and inner city parishes as well as serving as a campus minister and prison chaplain. He is a trained and certified mediator, has given workshops in the Diocese of Rochester on the Catholic Social Teachings and on the Jesus’ non-violent teachings, and formerly served as director of Project Rachel for 18 years.

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