US bishops issue statement clarifying position on advocacy and care for migrants and refugees  

The Chief Communications Officer for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement on Sept. 8, calling a claim of the former chief strategist for the Trump administration that the US bishops support undocumented immigrants in order to fill churches and make money, “preposterous,” “outrageous,” and “insulting.”

The former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, made the claim to “60 Minutes” host Charlie Rose in a segment scheduled to be aired nationally on Sunday, Sept. 10.

The statement by James Rogers, the bishops’ communications chief, notes in part, “It is preposterous to claim that justice for immigrants isn’t central to Catholic teaching. It comes directly from Jesus Himself in Matthew 25, ‘For I was hungry and you gave me food…a stranger and you welcomed me.’ Immigrants and refugees are precisely the strangers we must welcome.”

The statement goes on to note, “The witness of the Catholic bishops on issues from pro-life to pro-marriage to pro-health care to pro-immigration reforms is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than the convenient political trends of the day. We are called not to politics or partisanship, but to love our neighbor  …. Our pro-immigration stance is based on fidelity to God’s word and honors the American dream. For anyone to suggest that it is out of sordid motives of statistics or financial gain is outrageous and insulting.”

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