Spiritualizing psychological problems

Catholic News Agency (Oct. 10, 2017) contributor, Mary Rezac writes on “The dangers of spiritualizing your psychological problems.”

The article quotes Dr. Gregory Botarro, a Catholic clinical psychologist at CatholicPsych Institute – catholicpsych.com, who said he has “found the over-spiritualization of psychological issues to be a persistent problem, particularly among devout Catholics.”

He goes on to say that this over-spiritualization is “usually the direct consequence of  Cartesian Dualism.” It is Decartes, the philosopher, who said, “I think therefore I am,” thus separating the thinking self from the bodily self … Acting as if the body doesn’t matter when considering our human experience is just as distorted as acting like the spirit doesn’t matter,” he said.

Bottaro goes on to note, “We shouldn’t think any less of getting help for mental health than we do for physical health. There are fields of expertise for a reason, and just as we can’t fix every one of our own physical wounds, we can’t always fix every one of our own mental wounds. It is virtuous to recognize our need for help” … And “praying away” problems more than likely won’t work.

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