Priests need to learn more about art and beauty: Vatican council

The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture has launched a project to study the training of priests and other cultural workers in the Church in the aesthetics and history of art, especially as it contributes in the creation of religious art fitting for sacred spaces.

A report on the effort posted on the Crux website (Jan. 30, 2017), states, “the project will examine the training leaders of a diocese, such as clergy, religion teachers, catechists and more, receive on the relationship between faith and art.”

It will also look at what specific training exists for artists in the Church, such as architects, painters, sculptors, and musicians, so that they are equipped to produce works “that fit in places of worship and are in service to the liturgy,”

Quoting Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, the report notes, “This is important because it is not only possible to experience God through art, but beautiful art can be a path that leads us to contemplation, which is at the heart of the faith.”

For the entire Crux report, click here.