Priesthood is the  “greatest friendship”

In an address to participants in a course on the formation of priests organized by the Congregation for Clergy, Cardinal Beniamino Stella, the congregation’s prefect said, “The priesthood is about ‘friendship, the greatest there, from which all others stem … are transformed, are filled with greater meaning.’”

He stressed the primacy of God and the necessity to “put one’s relationship with Him above all.”.

Cardinal Stella went on to say, “We are in need of priests that do not put anything before the relationship of friendship with the Lord. Who have with Him bonds of ‘flesh and blood’ capable of involving them totally, of involving them body and soul, spirit and heart; so that their bonds with Him and their service are never subordinated to other bonds, darkened by disordered affective dependencies, bowed to interests of power and career or polluted by logics contrary to the Gospel . . . In brief, priests and Pastors interiorly free and consecrated full time to the cause of the Gospel”

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