Practical ways for priests to help combat pornography

Catholic News Agency (Dec. 19, 2017) posted a article that addresses how priests can help people dealing with porn addiction.

As most people know, including grade school kids; once confined to magazines like Playboy and the now defunct Confidential, porn is more anonymous and prolific and can be in the hands of anyone with a smartphone in seconds.

Knowing this, Father Sean McCawley, a priest of the Diocese of Lincoln and theological advisor for a pornography ministry called Integrity Restored, has begun to put on intensive trainings for clergy, providing them resources and practical tips for how to address the growing crisis of pornography addiction.

For an intensive training, Fr. Kilcawley takes a dozen or so priests for 3-4 days and immerses them in resources and training for the porn-addicted in their fold. He also facilitates shorter, one-day conferences.

“We try to equip the priest to get that person to come talk to them outside of confession, just to bring that into the light, so that the priest can then become the first responder in the field hospital of the church,” Fr. Kilcawley told CNA.

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