Pope to priests: Marriage preparation is more than a few courses

In speaking to a group of parish priests who were participating in a formation course for the Tribunal of the Roman Rota dedicated to the new marriage annulment process, Pope Francis said that good marriage preparation extends even to the first few years after marriage. His remarks took place on Feb. 25.

He went on to say, “Part of this formation process means being thorough, not “to make preparation with two or three meetings and then go forward.”

During marriage prep, couples must be helped to understand “the profound meaning of the step that they are about to take.” This support must also continue through the celebration of marriage itself and even through the first years after, he said.

Continuing on Pope Francis noted, “I ask myself how many of these youth who come to marriage preparation courses understand what ‘marriage,’ the sign of the union of Christ and the Church, means. They say yes, but do they understand this? Do they have faith in this?” he asked, and voiced his conviction that “a true catechumenate is needed for the sacrament of marriage.

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