Pope Francis to male religious leaders: Corruption in the Vatican exists

In remarks to a 140 major superiors of men on November 26, Pope Francis said, “There is corruption in the Vatican.” The pope made the admission after being asked by one of the religious leaders how he maintains serenity in his work.

“I do not take tranquilizers!” Francis joked, before adding: “The Italians offer good advice: to live in peace you need a healthy dose of not caring.”

The report of the pope’s remarks posted on the National Catholic Reporter website (Feb. 9, 2017) were made at the 88th general assembly of the Union of Superiors General,

Besides mentioning corruption in the Vatican, Francis also speaks at length about how he sees the work of the church, how religious leaders can prevent sexual abuse of minors, and what community life should look like.

He said that discernment was a critical part of priestly formation.

In formation we are used to formulas, black and white, but not to the gray of daily life,” says the pontiff. “And what counts is life, not the formulas.”

“We must grow in discernment,” he continues. “The logic of black and white can lead to caustic abstraction. Instead, discernment means going beyond the gray of life according to the will of God.”

“And you look for the will of God following the true doctrine of the Gospel and not in the fixations of an abstract doctrine,” says Francis.

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