Pope at Mass: “Don’t dialogue with the devil, the great liar!”

During his homily on Tuesday, May 2, Pope Francis advised the faithful on how to deal with the devil “who though defeated and dying is still dangerous.” And, Francis added: it’s especially important that Christians don’t think they can approach the devil, see what he’s like and then just walk away unscathed.”  In other words, any temptation to just “check the devil out” could have severe consequences.

In the past several months, Pope Francis’ has frequently included admonitions about the Devil in his homilies.  On January 8 during his homily on bullying, he commented: “When we realize that we harbor within ourselves the desire to attack someone because they are weak, we have no doubt: It is the devil. Because attacking the weak is the work of Satan,”  On April 4, 2018, The Pontiff called for Unity in the Catholic Church and blamed its division on the devil.

Fr. Thomas Rosica, CEO of Salt and Light Media talks about the many references to “the prince of darkness” in the writings of Pope Francis.  Please review his comments in the next post “Why The Devil is Pope Francis Talking About the Devil.”

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