Petition to ordain married men sent to Rockville Centre bishop

Pointing to column written in March by Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese citing Pope Francis’ thoughts on the possibility of ordaining married men to the priesthood, James Stubenrauch, 93, a World War II veteran and resident of Dominican Village, a retirement community on Long Island, had 52 village residents sign a petition asking Rockville Centre Bishop John O. Barres for the church to “move without delay” in allowing ordination of married men to the priesthood and asked Barres to “make every effort to advance this important proposal.”

According to the National Catholic Reporter (Sept. 7, 2017), the petition was mailed to Bishop Barres in June, after Stubenrauch spoke in favor of his proposal at a discussion group on social and religious issues held Tuesday mornings at the retirement facility.

The report notes that Bishop Barres responded to the petition this month with a latter addressed to “Residents of Dominican Village.” He wrote, “It is a blessing to observe people with fervent faith in our Diocese who are concerned about the needs of the Church. I certainly will bring your concerns to my own prayers and reflection.” Celibacy wasn’t mentioned.

For the entire NCR report by Peter Feuerherd, click here.