Notre Dame creates Rafat and Zoreen Ansari Institute for Global Engagement of Religion

On Friday, March 17, Rafat and Zoreen Ansari, two medical doctors born in Pakistan, announced a $15 million gift to the University of Notre Dame to create the Rafat and Zoreen Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion.

The announcement was posted in the Wealth Matters section of The New York Times (March 18, 2017).

“We came as immigrants, and this country has given us so much,” Mrs. Ansari said in an interview ahead of the announcement. “We want to give something back to America, but also to humanity. We want to promote the idea of equality.

During the same interview, Notre Dame president, Father John I. Jenkins, CSC, said, “Whenever you get a gift of this size, it’s tremendous, but particularly to have this named for the Ansari family, who is Muslim, is tremendously meaningful to us. We believe religion is very important in our world. It can have a negative impact, but it should be possible to study the ways religion can be a force for human development and peace.”

Father Jenkins said the institute would look at religion not through a sociological or political lens, but through one focused on the religions themselves.

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