Neocatechumenal Way under review in Guam archdiocese

Co-adjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes of Agana, Guam has asked members of the island’s Neocatechumenal Way to stop forming new communities for a year, in the interest of healing divisions in the archdiocese, according to a report on the Catholic News Agency (March 18, 2017) web site.

The Neocatechumenal Way is a new ecclesial movement that focuses on post-baptismal adult formation in small parish-based groups. It is estimated that the movement contains about 1 million members, in some 40,000 parish-based communities around the world.

In October 2016, Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Byrnes as co-adjutor to replace Archbishop Anthony Apuron, OFM Cap. amid allegations that he had sexually abused minors. He was relieved of his administrative authority in June of 2016.

In a March 15 pastoral letter to his flock, Archbishop Byrnes cited “a growing sense of distress about the multiplication of small communities in some parishes and about some of the differences in the way the Mass is celebrated among the small communities of the Neocatechumenal Way.”

The movement must celebrate Mass at a consecrated altar and members of the congregation who receive the Blessed Sacrament must consume it as soon as they receive it, he stated.

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