Lettergate’ debacle unnecessary, but useful in surfacing tensions

Monsignor Dario Vigano resigned from the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications earlier this week, amidst fall-out from the improper handling of the “Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI letter.”   John Allen, editor of Crux Now, commented in a recent article: “If you’re sitting on a letter from a pope, even an emeritus one, you’ve really only got two choices about what to do with it. Either you publish the entire thing, or you keep it to yourself.” Allen goes on to state, however:  “no matter how private you may believe the communication is, there’s no such animal as a pope letter that won’t eventually get out once someone makes a big public deal of it.”

Vigano’s resignation was quickly accepted by Pope Francis, although his future at the Vatican remains unclear.  He has been asked to assume a new position as “assessor” but no one seems to have a concrete definition of the responsibilities for the job.

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