Labor News – Successes anticipated in minimum wage struggle

Organizers for a minimum wage increase are expecting success at the state and local level due to the fact that most people understand the plight low-wage income Americans. It’s common sense, according to a summary in the National Catholic Reporter (Jan. 6, 2015).

“Everybody wants a good job. Everybody wants to be able to work a full day and come home and spend time with their family, or have a life outside of work,” said Sara Niccoli, executive director of Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State. The coalition’s Faith for a Fair New York project mobilizes faith leaders to work for economic justice.

“These are very common goals that we all share, and when we talk about them, all of a sudden, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, city or country, we all basically agree.”

Of course there are divides and in New York State, the urban-rural divide is real. “If it were just upstate,” Niccoli said, “we’d be a red state.” She went on to say, “When we last passed a wage increase [in 2013], over 80 percent of New Yorkers supported it. Republicans, Democrats, men, women, across the age spectrum. And 80 percent of New Yorkers don’t agree on anything!”

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