July a time for changing of the guard at Catholic parishes

July is most notably known for 4th of July celebrations and vacation trips. But for Catholic parishes it’s a time when transfers and reassignments of pastors and parochial vicars, commonly know as associate pastors, take place.

In a National Catholic Register posting on July 10, 2017, writer Susanna Spencer focuses the adjustments that are often needed for the departing and newly arriving priest and the parishioners too.

She notes, “The parochial vicar at our parish was transferred to another parish after only one year with us. We had already grown to appreciate the depth of his homilies, which called us on to live our Christian lives more intensely. We had become friends with him through several meals, and now we will no longer receive Jesus from his hands weekly. In some ways it is an occasion of sorrow, but in other ways it is a realization that experiencing Christ in the sacraments is so much more than which priest is ministering to us.”

In the end, though, Spencer writes, “…pray for your priests, the ones who used to minister to you and the ones who are your pastors now. They are Christ to us, and we are so blessed by their ministry.”

For the entire NC Register posting, click here.