Hartford archdiocese to downsize

Stating, “We cannot responsibly kick the can down the road,” Hartford Archbishop Leonard Blair, announced on May 7 that by June 29, the archdiocese’s 212 parishes will be trimmed to 127––about 40 percent.

A summary in the National Catholic Reporter (May 10, 2017) noted that 26 parishes will be closed while 59 parishes will be merged with neighboring parishes. The report goes on to note that in the city of Waterbury alone, six parishes will be merged into one.

The consolidation comes after a two-year process of meetings throughout the archdiocese involving pastors and parish leaders. Archbishop Blair, in the video, said that the archdiocese is willing to consider changes to its plan, but pleas based on “self-preservation” of parishes is “a nonstarter.”

As part of the plan, more than 40 pastors will be reassigned or retired. The newly formed parishes will be given new names.

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