Dicasteries discuss possibility of priests being incardinated into ecclesial movements


In a meeting of heads of Vatican curia offices on May 29, leaders discussed the possibility of priests being incardinated directly into ecclesial movements rather than a diocese.

A report on the Catholic News Agency (June 13, 2017) website, notes that some ecclesial movements have been asking for some time to have priests directly incardinated.

The request of the movements is based on the fact that there are priests whose vocation is born and nurtured within a specific ecclesial movement.

Right now, aside from dioceses and religious institutes, only personal prelatures and ordinariates can incardinate priests.

The report goes on to note that during the meeting, Pope Francis largely listened, and did not express an opinion. However, his thought may be deduced from his recent words in other contexts.

At a meeting on April 27 with Catholic Action – a movement founded in Italy 150 years ago – the Pope said the movement’s charism is “profoundly incarnate in the here and now of every diocesan Church,” and that it “takes on true vigour by responding to, and making its own, the pastoral outreach of each diocesan Church.”

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