Convocation of Catholic Leaders to focus on unifying US church

This summer’s invitation-only Convocation of Catholic Leaders, which takes place from July 1-4 in Orlando, FL will zero in on Pope Francis’ 2013 apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.

Jonathan Reyes, executive director of the US bishops’ Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development and a Convocation planner sees the gathering as a way for Catholics across the diverse spectrum of the church to unify in Christ. Evangelii Gaudium will be used as a template for this effort.

“The beauty of it for us as Catholics is it’s not just another trade meeting,” Reyes told Catholic News Service (April 17, 2017) “This is centered, as Pope Francis said again and again, in the encounter with Jesus Christ. That’s what holds us together. Even Catholics need a moment of unity these days. Not just our country, but we as Catholics need a moment of unity around Christ.”

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