Conversation continues on married priests

Since Pope Francis was elected to papacy in 2013, he has signaled a willingness a number of times to discuss the idea of married priests. In March he told a German newspaper, “We need to consider if  ‘viri probati’ is a possibility.”

We came across two articles from the National Catholic Reporter that extends the conversation. Jesuit Father Thomas Reese states in his March 16, 2017 Faith and Justice column,  “It is time for the Catholic bishops to stop hoping for an increase in vocations to the celibate priesthood and to acknowledge that the church needs married priests to serve the people of God.”

Bill Tammeus, a Presbyterian elder who writes “A small c catholic” column (July 10, 2017) for NCR write about the pluses and minuses of married priests.

We post three essays for your reflection.

Pope Francis on married priests (NCR, March 10, 2017), click here.

Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ (NCR, March 16, 2017), click here.

Bill Tammeus (NCR, July 10, 2017), click here