Commentary on BBC Series “Broken”

In sharing his reflections on the BBC television series “Broken,” Fr. Joel Warden,  commented: “What makes a good priest?  Is it who he is, or more what he does?  Thomas Aquinas held that we are what we do and we do what we are.  Perhaps that is a bit circular, and surely for the parish priest, like for anyone in any vocation, it makes it much easier to handle such circularity if there is a model who demonstrates what goodness might mean in action.”

Although based on a fictional character, such a role model for Fr. Warden is portrayed in “Broken” depicting the life of a parish priest, Fr. Michael Kerrigan, assigned to a small city in Northern Ireland whose residents are experiencing a myriad of socio-economic problems.  Fr. Warden stated: “Sean Bean (Kerrigan) gets the life of a parish priest right.  Personally, I like his approach.  It is practical and……provides a way for Kerrigan to handle his own spiritual need to be grounded.”  Fr. Warden continues:  “The dialogue and actions presented are accurate to the inner landscape of a priest and to the details of his pastoral tasks.”

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