Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich: Listen to young people about guns

Chicago’s Cardinal Blase J. Cupich visited Springfield on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 to hold a press conference at the Illinois Capitol on the growing problem of gun violence both in Chicago and the nation. Accompanying Cardinal Cupich was Robert Gilligan, representing the Catholic Conference of Illinois.

In his remarks, Cardinal Cupich urged Illinois lawmakers to “listen to young people about guns…the youth of our nation are shaming the adult world into action.”  These words were in reference to the February 14 shooting in Florida that left seventeen high school students dead. Since the shootings, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been calling for tighter gun control laws.

Several bills are pending in both the Illinois House and Senate that would help address Chicago’s gun-related violence and deaths. Cardinal Cupich remarked: “The carnage we saw in Florida happens nearly every day throughout our state and our nation. I say this as one who has prayed with family members of children lost to gun violence….In the name of those murdered children, elected officials must begin the process of walking away from the moral compromises that doom our society to inaction.”

Cardinal Cupich explained several measures he supports to confront gun violence including closer screening for gun licenses.  He also called lawmakers to “make sure that all students have access to a solid education and that workers receive a fair wage that lifts families out of the cycle of poverty and despair that perpetuates the cycle of violence.”

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