Catholic schools add prayer to school walkout day over gun violence

Photo courtesy of Newsweek

Catholic students participating in the National School Walkout to raise awareness of gun violence will receive support from a number of Catholic institutions. Many dioceses across the country are encouraging their Catholic students to be a part of “the national voice” and commemorate the walkout with prayer, a prayer service or Mass.

Today’s protest was organized by “Empower Now” to coincide with the one-month anniversary of the school shooting on Ash Wednesday in Parkland, Florida.  Organizers are calling for students nationwide to walk out of their classes for seventeen minutes to honor the seventeen people massacred on February 14, 2018.

Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Newark, recorded a message for Newark students in which he commented:  “Your energy and your unselfish concern will be heard in the halls of our government. It’s true that we can ban all of the guns in the world and never finally fully achieve peace without a commitment of our hearts. But we do need legal protections, and we have to ask questions about the type of firearms and their proliferation in our country today. I’m glad you’re asking questions, and I’m glad you’re united, and I’m glad you are a people of faith.”

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