Cardinal Dolan mulls selling NY chancery in a bid to save money

In a pointed letter to New York clergy, Cardinal Timothy Dolan informed them that he is considering moving his archdiocese’s headquarters out of the building it now occupies in midtown Manhattan in a bid to save money and to correct what he says is an “unfair and inaccurate perception of the archdiocese as some bloated, money-grabbing corporation.”

According to the National Catholic Reporter (Jan. 11, 2017), the cardinal wrote a four-page letter to his priests and deacons in late November in which he also takes the clergy to task for complaining about how the archdiocese collects money from its parishes and exhorts them to challenge parishioners to donate more frequently and abundantly.

Throughout the four-page letter, Dolan takes a biting tone, lamenting that his priests reportedly either complain about the archdiocese interfering in their parishes’ affairs or that his administration is not doing enough to support their particular favored areas of ministry, the NCR report notes.

For the entire NCR report, which includes a link to the cardinal’s letter to priests, click here.