Cardinal DiNardo on resignation of US bishops’ doctrinal committee consultant 

In statement on the resignation of Capuchin Franciscan Father Thomas Weinandy as a consultant to US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the conference said in part, “Throughout the history of the Church, ministers, theologians and the laity all have debated and have held personal opinions on a variety of theological and pastoral issues.”

The statement was made in light a letter written by Father Weinandy to Pope Francis in which he posits that “a chronic confusion seems to mark your pontificate.”

The letter was dated July 31 and released by Fr. Weinandy on Nov. 1. It has appeared on Catholic several websites.

Cardinal DiNardo’s statement goes on to note that, “these debates have made their way into the popular press. That is to be expected and is often good.”

But Cardinal DiNardo goes on to note, “Christian charity needs to be exercised by all involved. In saying this, we all must acknowledge that legitimate differences exist, and that it is the work of the Church, the entire body of Christ, to work towards an ever-growing understanding of God’s truth.”

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