Alliance for Catholic Education organizes run fundraiser for Georgia school

(Photo: Snapwire)

JANUARY 11, 2018 – At St. Peter Claver Regional School in Decatur, Georgia, students in the “Kilometer Kids club” take their runs in the school parking lot, avoiding their open grass field due to an administrative prohibition on its use. “Administrators fear divots and other hazards [in the field] could wreck an ankle, putting it off limits. Soccer-loving students play in the gym, and the runners use the parking lot for now.”

However, students are hopeful that funds can be raised to build a track at the school. At the Publix Georgia Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K in Atlanta on March 18, 2018, the school will be sponsoring a group of runners. Christina Mirarchi, a graduate student with the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)
program and a teacher at St. Peter Claver, is helping to organize the fundraiser for the school. Four ACE teachers from Atlanta,
including Mirarchi, will take part in the race, while an expected 44 ACE Teaching Fellows from across the country will run as well.

“More than a dozen staff and family members of people connected to the school are participating in the Publix Marathon. Principal Susanne Greenwood is raising money by running in the 5K race, an option offered in addition to the long distance runs.”

“At a summer retreat for ACE Fellows, Mirarchi pitched the fundraising idea. She advocated for the unique school where students speak languages other than English at home, including Spanish, Burmese, Zotung, Malay and Amharic.”

“ACE is a program of the University of Notre Dame, which trains and places teachers in underserved Catholic schools across the United States. The program offers college graduates a two-year experience teaching in Catholic schools. At the program’s end, the fellows receive a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Notre Dame.”

“The team’s goal for the event is $25,000. Some $1,500 has been pledged.”

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